Stay tuned for some changes coming to the main website soon!

It's time to make some adjustments to make sure the most up to date information is available, and allow me the time to come up with more original and creative content for you guys.

There will be some behind the scenes changes and some "business model" changes to make sure I am able to grow and be a better supporter for the artists and venues, and to be able to serve the fans better as well!

(I say business model but not in the sense of it being a source of income lol. That is definitely not the case. This is a project and effort of passion. If it ever does become a source of income I will be fully transparent to that as I want people to feel confident in the independence of the reviews and content I post, and I promise you I will NEVER be a pay for play kind of person.)

I can't tell you all how much it means to me to see and hear the support of you guys online and in person. I'm beyond grateful and it makes this all worth it!

Thank you to all of the amazing venue owners and artists who have helped me to grow and become better at this. And to my close friends who have helped to keep me from wandering too far off the road.