I first heard Sonya Rae Taylor at the 23rd Annual North River Blues Festival where, working with her husband Ryan Taylor, they launched into a fantastically soulful rock blues tune that instantly put on display great guitar work and a blending of sound with keys, drums, bass, and a second guitar that make for a “get out of your seat and dance” good time! 

My next experience with this fantastic young artist was at the 10th Annual Winter Blues Festival at the Blue Ocean Music Hall in Salisbury MA. Once again showing that she has what it takes to be a stand out artist, she brought the soul energy to full bear on the packed venue.

And most recently I had the pleasure of seeing her open for Seth Rosenbloom’s CD release party, a CD where she helped to co-write several of the songs. And then sharing the stage with Seth at the end of the event.

From start to finish at each of these events, Sonya played her heart out and the band came right along with her to make for album worthy performances each and every time.

Having seen and heard Sonya play with a variety of artists along the way she has proven that with great talent, grace, skill, and hard work that you can lead a band into great music. With her husband, Ryan Taylor, also on the stage you can see that this a family built for great music. 

With a stinging guitar and a voice that is capable of taking the blues scene firmly in hand, Sonya has continually shown that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Her work opening the Winter Blues Festival was nothing short of fantastic. She worked soul, rock, and pure joy into an opening set that truly set the stage for a great night of music from some of the greatest names across the spectrum who came in from all over the country to make the festival a success. 

During the 9 Wallis event, where she opened for her friend and co-writer Seth Rosenbloom, I was absolutely delighted with her own original music. It is clear why she is also a songwriter for BMG Music Publishing, she’s got a talent that stands tall! 

This young lady and her husband have put themselves firmly on my list of artists that I want to see performing their own full concert, and to do so more than once!

Their performance schedule is bookmarked in my phone, and should be in yours as well!

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.