At just 26 years old, Seth puts on a display of amazing soul and depth. From searing slow blues and faithful shuffles, he pairs them all with a voice that sounds about 25 years ahead of him. He is a prime example of how there are great young blues artists keeping the music alive and well. That there are soulful young musicians with world class talents that will see them through long and storied careers like their predecessors.

Seth Rosenbloom’s talent with a guitar is something truly wonderful to experience. He takes a feeling that is familiar because of its influence from the greats in Blues history such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hubert Sumlin, BB King, and Buddy Guy just to name a few of what I heard throughout the show. When you pile on a voice that is every bit a natural born Blues voice that is something along the lines of a blending of Lou Rawls, Johnny Winter, and Luther “Guitar Junior” Johnson you know you're in the presence of a true artist.

He has taken all of these sounds and blended them into his own unique voice both on the guitar and on vocals. You get the comforting familiar feeling of the music we’ve come to love and taken it into a new sound and made it something that will be a comfort for decades to come. 

Seth has put together a fantastic new album, a great showing for his first album, Keep On Turning which released on January 18, 2019. In it he has worked with another great artist, Sonya Rae Taylor, who opened the show at 9 Wallis for his release party. Together they wrote a good number of the tracks to the new album but it also features many songs of his own solo writing.

On display in the show were several of the songs from the new album, as one would expect from a CD release event, but he delivered them with such passion live that you are left transfixed by music that reaches right into your heart and pulls you in. 

His first fully written song, The Way Things Used To Be, is a prime example of someone with a deep talent that has broken the surface and launched into the air with a soulful slow blues that will stay with you from start to finish and attach itself to your list of great evening unwind tunes. His beautifully laid down work on the guitar with his passionate voice are a great combination to let your worries melt away into the ether as the music takes over.

Continuing his work through a beautifully intense slow blues is the last song written for his new album, Broke and Lonely. He starts it with an opening hook that commands your attention from the start, soon moving into vocals and lyrics that are delivered with passion and grace he makes great use of the pattern that made BB stand out, a tradeoff between his voice and letting the guitar sing its “lyrics” in such a way that makes it a true duet. With a great use of the keyboard and an enchanting rhythm section that will have you swaying in time without even thinking about it. All together are the markers of a great song. Something so natural and beautiful that the body and soul react of their own accord.

Setting off with the title track to the new CD, Keep On Turning, Rosenbloom hits the ground running. With a searing guitar and song of persistence in life, you will be enthralled from the start.

Seth, to my ear, is one of the most wonderful examples of how a Slow Blues artist should sound. Being a fan of a wide and varied style of the Blues, my heart lives with Delta/Chicago Blues and a deep and introspective slow blues that runs the gamut of the Blues spectrum. There is just something about a good slow track that will pull you out of the world and out of the worries of your life and let you process those experiences in a fresh and more manageable way. In short they are a great way to gain perspective and relief in life. 

At this release event he was teamed up with Bruce Bears on keys, Jesse Williams on bass, and Dave Fox on drums.

Bruce Bears, who works with artists that are both local and national, has worked with great local artists such as Toni Lynn Washington and both a local and national legend Duke Robillard. Bruce has consistently continued to work with a long list of fantastic local musicians that are destined to great things. His work on perfecting a sound that is a blend of New Orleans and Chicago is a delight to experience no matter who he is working with. Bears talent is proof that R&B truly belong together in their truest most honest forms. 

Carrying the bass is Jesse Williams who has worked with Duke Robillard, Al Kooper, Jay Giels, John Hammond Jr, Ruth Brown, Bruce Katz (of the Allman Brothers), Jimmy Vivino and many more. In addition to playing with greatly talented artists, Jesse is also a teacher at the Berklee College of Music, the Milton Academy, and Phillips Academy where he specializes in jazz and contemporary with both bass and guitar.

And on drums is Dave Fox. With over 2 decades of experience, he has performed with Tom Hambridge (2 time Grammy Nominee), Buddy Guy (Grammy Award Winner), Marty Sammon, and Quinn Sullivan. Dave also is an educator for the Boston area. His driving rhythm, and jazz influence make for a sound that is perfectly built for slow blues and rocking blues alike.

Opening and closing the release party was Sonya Rae Taylor who is an amazing young artist in her own right and showed, both in opening and playing at the close with Seth, exactly why this new album is so great. Her work in co-writing many of the tracks is something that shows that she’s got the chops to take off into the bright lights herself quite soon. I am anxiously awaiting and hoping that she will have her own first album out soon as well!

Seth is a hard working local musician that you will be glad you’ve gone to see at any one of his shows. Make sure to keep track of his next event here. And also be sure you pick up the new CD, you won’t be disappointed!

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.