A performance venue, an art gallery, and a full restaurant all under one room. This is what you will find as you enter the 3S Artspace.

As you approach the front of the building you’ll see the spacious dining area for the full restaurant, and off to the side you’ll see the open and clear entrance to the gallery and performance area of the venue.

On my recent first visit to this Portsmouth NH destination, I visited the performance area only.

Making use of electronic ticketing and the option of having your name located at the door just in case you forget your paper ticket or have issues with your mobile device, you can expect an easy entrance to the event of your choice. As you enter you are looking directly into the performance hall, and off to your right is the art gallery where you can go to enjoy some time looking around while you await the show to start. Giving you the chance to claim your seat for this general seating style event, and then to go enjoy the artistry on display.

The performance area is laid out with modular folding seating right in front of the stage that allows for various layout options. There are also some larger regular chair style seating much like you would find at home which is off to the side and further back. With ample space to dance and a full bar within the space itself, you can enjoy a full rich night without having to leave the room!

The stage is set in the corner of the room, with the well suited PA system set up such that it takes advantage of the large painted cinder block walls. Which in some venues might feel odd, but for the 3S Artspace, it gives a feel of eccentric design with function overtaking fancy accents. They’ve invested the money into making a space that is both comfortable and fun while finding a way to keep down the costs that might otherwise be passed on to the patron. Whether in the front row or in the back or off to the side dancing, you’ll enjoy a solid sound experience.

While they’ve taken the minimalist approach they have taken pains to decorate the walls as well, with one huge wall covered from floor to ceiling with the vinyl albums of The Clash. It’s a sort of minimalist approach to Andy Warhol with the focus on music.

In short, it works and feels comfortable without pretense.

Access to the venue from the main highways is straight forward. As you enter downtown Portsmouth the venue is will be on a street off to your left just before you enter the area with the typical tall and metro styled buildings of a downtown area.

Parking is currently a bit interesting given some construction of a new building next door to the event, however there are two privately owned pay lots which are extremely close to the venue as well as some limited street parking.

There is a nearby city garage which is very affordable and is a short 5 minute walk to the venue. That was the location I opted to park and, even in my boots, it was an easy walk. Which is good for someone who has knee issues, so even if you have some mobility impairments you will be able to find affordable and reasonably close parking options.

The venue makes itself open to various styles of events so there’s something for everyone to enjoy and I encourage you to keep an eye out for upcoming shows and information as you are bound to find something to enjoy with friends or on your own!

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.