Blue Ocean Music Hall is set right on the water with a beautiful view from it’s expansive windows. With a fantastically designed layout including a full bar, an impressively large stage, a flow to and from the tables which are set on a gently rising floor level, you’re going to find a good seat throughout the venue.

On my recent first trip to this venue, where I enjoyed the 10th Annual Winter Blues Festival, I was impressed by the size and modern styling of the venue. My seat was the furthest side of the room right at the huge wall of windows that look out over the water that is just feet away. I however ended up being the wandering minstrel to take photos and to mingle with friends. The view from my table was good to say the least, and I would have been quite comfortable there. As it was, I opted to stand at the wall just along the main thoroughfare for the sake of getting photos that I wanted in a more head on look.

Even being at that position, I was able to easily do my work and still be out of the way. Such is the wide and easy floor plan that is set up in the venue. There’s no sidling and tight spaces to navigate just getting to the seating areas. The tables are set fairly close together but not in a bad way. You’ve still got room to turn and sit comfortably for the entire event.

On this occasion they also had a large dance floor set up right in front of the stage.

They have a large full service bar off to the side, and serve a menu of food that, while not the longest list of options, has a good selection of meals to choose from. I can easily see this as a great spot to go out on that date night for live music with dinner and dancing..

There is also a dedicated space for the bands to do their merchandise which ensures that you still have easy access throughout the venue.

It’s also clear that the owners have taken great care to set up a PA system that takes full advantage of the rooms design for a complete acoustic experience. Having invested in equipment large enough to fill this spacious venue without blowing the windows out, you can count on crisp and clear audio for both the music and the vocals.

Parking is set up with a main lot at the entry which is sometimes used for various other events independent of the music events of the night. But this isn’t a problem as there is close by on street parking, and a nearby parking lot just off to the side of the venue. All with parking rates which can vary but are reasonable in price. On street parking is free in the evenings this time of year.

Being right on the main strand of Salisbury MA, among the restaurants and other attractions overlooking the water, you could take a nice stroll in the afternoon/evening before you head over to the venue.

The event staff were friendly and the waitstaff were also welcoming and accommodating. I found that I did not have a single concern or complaint when it came to the service.

Access to the venue is easy enough as you head up the highway and then navigate the local streets to the destination which lands you clearly near the parking options so that you are not left wondering where the lots are to choose from.

I’m looking forward to a next visit at this location later in the year when the weather is warmer and the days are longer so that I can more fully take advantage of the view from inside the venue.

Take a look at their ever growing list of events that are upcoming as you’ll find a good mix of events to choose from!

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.