With a name like Black-Eyed Sally’s, you know you’re in for something interesting. In the heart of downtown Hartford CT, Sally’s is one of those spots that blends perfectly into a bohemian big city setting but would equally be at home in a less than metro area. Which is to say, it’s a great place to go for music and fun no matter which you’re looking for.

The staff are professional, friendly, and attentive. This venue is set up in a diner turned music hall turned private space to dine all at the same time and they’ve made each compliment the other nicely.

When you walk in you are at the center of the event, with your choices in front of you, do you chose the sit down diner style seating for a meal, move off to the right for a more secluded set of tables where you can dine and hear the music but be out of the foot traffic, or you can choose my favorite option; take a left and grab a table for the great live music they bring in.

I’ve enjoyed the front row, and I’ve equally enjoyed the high-top tables in the back. The acoustics are good throughout, and there’s no shortage of volume. You won’t miss a note, trust me!

It’s kind of hard to imagine a venue that can be three separate things all at once and still also be serving great national and local bands music up to the entire venue even if you’re over out of the way of the main thoroughfare.

The venue is one that I’d been wanting to check out for some time and then all of the sudden the opportunity presented not just once or twice, but three times in two weeks! And I plan to be back soon!

From hosting a national gathering of artists for a Winter Blues Festival, to bringing in the top amazing talent native to our region as well, Sally’s does an admirable job of bringing in great names and individuals of fantastic talent that is sure to make any night a good one!

Their proximity and ease of access to and from the main highway, and also an abundance of close by parking options that are reasonably priced by the city. (A parking lot on the same side, street parking, and a lot directly across from the venue. All are payable with your debit/credit card as well as coins.)

I wasn’t sure what the area would be like in downtown, or how easy the access would be, but I have to say from what I’ve seen of the area it’s a nice location to be situated in where you can be comfortable and confident in your access to the venue as well as traveling to and from the site as well.

Sally’s hosts a regular jam with LIviu Pop on top of the fantastic artists they bring in. Many of the events are ticketed events, so be sure to get those tickets early and also make sure you get a reservation in addition to the ticket to ensure you get the best seat in the house! One of the things that I was thrilled to find out is that even with events where the cover is at the door rather than a ticket, you can still get a reservation AND you can pay that cover with cash or your credit/debit card so you don’t have to worry about hitting up the ATM when going out for the evening. This is a big plus for people like myself who don’t regularly carry cash anymore.

Should you need it though, there is an ATM just a short way up the street on the same side of the road, just as you come to one of the parking lot areas. Which is convenient when you’re ready to buy that CD or T-shirt from the band you’ve just added to your favorites list.

They’ve a full service bar and kitchen sporting BBQ as well as other fare for those who are on varied diets so there are options for everyone in your group!

I’ve found that the communication from the business through their facebook and email contact is up to good standards as well. Which sadly is something that is sometimes missing from otherwise great venues. And I hope that it is an example that others will look to in the future as well!

Sally’s is one of those spots that will keep you coming back. And I for one can’t wait till I’m back down there visiting for the upcoming Jason Ricci concert in a few weeks!

I encourage you all to check out their live music calendar and to get those reservations early!

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.