Nick Black is defying all of the norms and blending genres in a way that hasn’t been seen since the days of Motown, when they took R&B and Pop and Soul and turned it into something beautiful.

Playing brand new music and building on the giants, Nick Black and his amazing band have made a whole new genre all their own. Soul-Pop. Or is it Pop-Soul? Seamlessly blending Blues, Funk, 2nd Line (with that horn section!), Motown, and Soul has truly been a triumph!

The former lead guitarist for Victor Wainwright, Nick Black and his fantastic band have got some serious soul and talent going.

Playing to the intimate venue of 9 Wallis, the band took the room by storm and played like they were playing for a packed stadium. Full of energy, and a bit of mischief, with an interplay between the musicians on stage that makes an event so much fun to attend.

When the band is having fun, everyone has fun!

Chris Styles on bass, truly has that rhythm locked down and bringing every bit of funk to the stage that the music needs. Talent and skill, that define the musicians dedication to art, truly makes for a “move in and then out of your seat to go dance vibe!”

Terrell Reed on the drums brings a big sound that runs the line up and down keeping up with a soaring guitar, a melody on keys, and a bass line that can seemingly all be playing funky, blues, pop, and soul at the exact same time. Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s talent!

Darryl Sanford on keys rounds out the melody and hit the emotion of each song perfectly, while bringing more than a few laughs making Nick do a few double takes. Each perfectly timed and VERY entertaining. Backing up that humor is a talent that seems to have been born to stand up and help create a whole new genre of music with this fantastic band.

Nick is bring his vision to life with the support of an amazing band. Original songs that are meaningful AND catchy. Throughout the show he put on display playful professionalism that engages the audience in the fun in a way that many artists are still trying to figure out years beyond his age.

Check out the new single! No, really…. I mean it!

He has a way to take some good old fashioned slow blues or old blues and make it feel new and up just a beat without betraying the source of that music. In the next moment your riding the wave of high energy and light songs that are just pure joy.

Checking out their back catalog you’ll soon see that they have the depth to go beyond just the joy in life but to bring you through those times when joy seems to be just out of reach. This is not a shallow pool to swim in at all. These guys have got IT!

I grew up on the furthest northeast corner of Tennessee myself, but Nick coming from the “west coast” of TN, has that Memphis Soul groove and funk that has been growing and entertaining the world for over a hundred years now. Growing up in an area so steeped in the history of American music and the development of totally new styles, I actually find myself rather jealous of not having grown up out on that end of the state that he spent those formative years.

One of the things I admire about the musicians that tour and work so hard for the art they love is that no matter the audience, or the location, they bring 100% to every show. And each show has it’s own unique flavor.

Nick and the band do NOT disappoint. They came out of the gate having fun and I was lucky enough to be there to go along for the ride.

Rest assured, these fine gentlemen have earned a spot on my list of must see artists whenever is at all possible!

Make sure you keep an eye on their tour dates (scroll down) as it is updated frequently. In the mean time you can pick up their music and enjoy a taste of what the live shows full of soul bring to YOUR soul!

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.

**Main cover photo taken from artists website.

***The horn section were not in attendance at this performance.