Mia Dyson is the Australian singer, songwriter, guitarist, and touring sensation that I recently had the pleasure of hearing while she toured with Mary Bridget Davies through New England. Having grown up listening to the finest Blues and Roots music she was destined to rock the genre in her own style. 

My first thoughts when hearing her play was that it was truly amazing to see someone so young be so connected with Roots music. She definitely can play the Blues and rock them too, but her gifts truly shine when she deftly moves through the raw roots sound and style. No doubt through years of hard work and practice she has given the time and passion over to explore not just the existing music but the potential for new and continued growth in the Blues and Roots styles.

With a father who built guitars himself, she was blessed to have access to the instrument that would have her touring the globe, bringing her original music with her wherever she goes. Her ability to fluidly move between power rock and slow ballad blues make her an artist that will keep you focused throughout any performance.

As she has toured the globe she has played with numerous bands, including the Frank Zappa Band. She has won numerous awards including a nomination for Best Female Artist from the ARIA Music Awards of 2005, and having won Best Blues and Roots Album the same year! 

She has also worked with Eric Clapton, Ani Di Franco, Stevie Nicks, and Chris Isaak as they toured through various parts of the world.

As a songwriter she has maintained a fidelity to the music of her youth and of her passion. She tells an honest story and encapsulates the moment with her guitar skills.

That she has played with so many varied bands and maintained her status of constant nominations for and winning of awards, speaks to the skill and vision that she has for herself and the music. She has the flexibility to play in various blending’s of other artists styles and the leadership to bring them along into the unique sound that is all her own.

I had the pleasure of hearing her work at both The Bull Run in Shirley MA and again at 9 Wallis in Beverly MA last year and enjoyed her opening each time for Mary Bridget Davies as a great way to start the night, both easing you into the music but also taking off like a rocket ship on a tour through the music that is uniquely her own style.

Keep your eyes and ears open for your chance to see this gifted young artist in your area! I can’t wait for her to come back to New England, I’m already overdue for her serving of Blues.

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.