Modern with retro respect.

Joe Moss brings in the feel and push of the ever evolving Chicago Blues sound without losing or disrespecting a single note of the rich and storied history of Chicago/Dela Blues origins.

He constantly works to bring in talented artists alongside him while he continues the work of finding and exploring the future of the Blues. His upbringing amongst the music in Chicago by his parents has richly informed his career. You can clearly see this in his ever evolving and growing repertoire of music.

He is one of the finest musicians I’ve had the chance to experience, and I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing a long and successful career in the years to come!

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him make great forward steps just over the last year while he has worked with several different band members in that effort to find the balance that sets all the nerve endings at ease when on stage.

From the audience point of view it has been an absolute delight to hear his back catalog evolve in the live settings as well as to hear his new tracks begin to take shape. Having seen him in a club setting, a bar setting, and now a festival setting it is safe to say that there is no stage that this man can’t take and make his own.

He truly has the progressive feel and the well maintained core of what has lead him here. Being a fan of the classic Chicago Blues sound, I have enjoyed Joe for his ability to weave the foundation into a full and new sound.

For example, his work with the song Monster Love pulls out the groove of the newer blend of blues and the classic funk that carried the music through the 70’s to 90’s. With that blending came the sound that pushed forward from the 90’s to the current. He puts it on display in full glory with this soulful vocals and solos.

One of my favorites of his has to be King Swing. The swing and fun of the blues scene that has endured and flourished decade after decade, Joe shows that he is a master of his craft. What strikes me also is his humble stance when he approaches each aspect of the music he is helping to carry forward. He is constantly thinking and working towards perfecting HIS blues.

It’s that dedication and hard work that makes it clear why he has been inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame (2013).

Every time I’ve had the chance to see this talented musician take the stage it has been clear that he is a crowd pleaser. He does it with his own sound and feeling, showing the audience what they love before they even realized they loved it!

He has the presence of a man in his element when he’s on that stage. The guitar is not just an instrument for him, it’s an extension of his body and soul. The 3 are all one in the same way the greats of the Blues have made their own stands in the stormy world of music. Lay those soulful vocals on top and it’s a winning combination by anyone’s standards.

Joe is truly the triple threat of music. He takes his talent for playing and singing and adds that special layer on top that seals the deal. He writes some of the best new blues out there. Drawing on his life in the finest tradition to put honest love and feeling into every note.

A prime example is the track titled Maricela’s Smile. The pure unconditional love for his daughter comes through in every single note. You can feel that deep parental love standing tall. Demonstrating his hopes and dreams for her and also how her life raises him higher and keeps him working to be the best musician and man he can be.

When you go to a show you can rest assured you are seeing someone who is putting their full heart and soul into everything on that stage.

Joe recently did a live recording for a new album that I’m truly excited to get my hands on. Plenty of new songs due out on it and of the ones I’ve had the pleasure to hear, he has truly kept his game tight and ever growing.

Chicago of today, Chicago of yesterday, the Blues of tomorrow, and the sounds of our communal hearts as we face the future together are all brought to stage by one of the finest musicians and men I’ve met.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at this mans schedule because you won’t want to miss a single chance to hear him live.

In the meantime you can get warmed up with any one of his already released albums HERE.

Joe is truly a class act and has a heart as big as Chicago itself, and that’s a quality that you will experience live and in person.

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.