The new Jasper Hill location in Millis MA has dramatically expanded its footprint and made even more space for music setups throughout the venue to suit the style.

Set in what feels an old style Victorian home, you have a great place to pull through and allow people to get into and out of their car without going out in the rain. Always a plus for the chivalrous among us. Once you’re parked, you’ve got easy access to the building from any part of the parking lot with access to the wrap around porch for handicap accommodations as well as a canopy covered entry when you head up the front steps.

Once inside you’re greeted by the warm home feeling of a landing with stairs that head upstairs, which I desperately wanted to explore like a kid who wants to go where he shouldn’t…. But I managed to restrain myself. As you enter, and are warmly greeted, you have the full service bar to your left with dining tables just off the door as well as down a solarium style section where you can get the light of day from the comfort of the indoors. Complete with musically inspired decor with notes flying out of the lights and full wall covering style portrait of the great Jimi Hendrix!

It’s on this side where the smaller more intimate live music events are often held.

Off to the right and you head into a beautiful set of rooms with tables set low to match the lounging chairs and comfortable sofas where you can casually enjoy some drinks with friends in comfort. There is also a more formal style dining room just across the way from the “sitting room”.

This truly makes for a feeling that matches the grandeur of a Victorian style inspired building.

Moving beyond these two rooms is another large dining area that also serves as the larger music enjoyment section of the venue, where the tables are set up in seating’s of 4 or more. But I do recommend making a reservation as the tables fill up fast for the great music they are bringing to you. But just in case you don’t or can’t get those reservations, those sitting rooms, that I mentioned, just before you head in make for a great place to chill and listen to some fantastic music while you wait for a table to open up into the evening.

There is still yet more room the next space over currently setup as another comfortable “sitting room” style of space.

i was told during my visit that this summer they will be making some big changes to this larger room and expanding it to take in the smaller furthest room to make space for even more people to enjoy the live music they bring in! So stay tuned for those changes!

The acoustics of the room are unexpectedly good. I would not have expected it just from walking in but the room lends itself to bringing the sound full and around without dead space or a distorted section.

Currently, they have a standing Sunday afternoon music session (1pm to 4pm) with the Racky Thomas’ Travelin’ Medicine Show Revival. Racky is a regional artist with a reputation for fine musicianship!

Sunday evenings also see a weekly Blues Jam from 7:30pm to 11:30pm!

Make sure to check their schedule as they are adding in new artists and events with pleasing regularity.

The menu is a solid serving of choices that match the atmosphere of an eclectic venue that serves as part pub, part fine dining, part private club, part music venue, and part event destination.

It’s a menu that is accessible to herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores alike! This was confirmed by my dedicated carnivore companion for the evening, The Paleo Pharmacist, Nevada Gray! And they often have special menus prepared for the various holidays all year long.

On this evening, I had the pleasure of seeing the fantastic Willie J Laws Jr, The Last Prophet of The Funky Texas Blues, which is just one of the many world class musicians that you will find holding court in this great new venue!

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.