A private concert always sounds like a great idea, but a private concert that is recorded and shared that showcases some of the best talent in the region and the country as they tour through the area is always a must see event.

Don Odells Legends is truly legendary. They have got 1500+ videos out on YouTube where you can see and experience bands from today and yesterday easily and accessible at all times!

Put together in a local studio in Palmer MA, you get a front row seat view to an intimate concert setting where the artists put their heart and soul into making sure they honor the legendary status of the music and this program.

Often MC’d by Art Tipaldi, editor for Blues Music Magazine, and Don Odell himself, you get an introduction to the band and the passion that goes into each recording. His staff of camera operators, sound engineers and staff that work to make sure your ticket is a value beyond expectation. 

Having traveled extensively throughout the region and to places such as Memphis to present awards as well as to video other great bands while in the areas they are visiting, Don makes sure that every angle is covered so that the music lover can get exactly what they crave, great music in a quality recording. 

Don announces the events via his network of contacts within the social media ecosphere and those tickets go fast! His reputation for bringing in top notch performers has been earned through his hard work and constant passion for music.

The studio itself is an easy drive down the Mass Pike from most directions and has parking and space for all in this intimate setting. Entry into the venue is easy and welcoming while the excitement builds to go in and find your seat for a great show. The seating is laid out in two sections with folding chairs that afford you a good view even with the cameras going back and forth around the stage. With acoustics in mind the stage area is placed in a great spot to bring out a rich solid sound that you can appreciate on camera and in person. 

Don has brought his years of experience touring as a videographer for bands of renown and his expertise with production of quality intimate and accessible content to full bear in providing content to the Blues and other communities at large.

If you are up for a good “school night” set of music in a spot where the atmosphere is relaxed and easy going, then you can’t go wrong with Don Odells Legends.

Find him on FaceBook and make sure you keep in contact because he is announcing new shows all the time and every one of them is always worth the trip!

Also make sure you check out his YouTube channel for the great content that is produced by his staff of music enthusiast volunteers and himself!

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.