I would never have seen myself visiting a biker bar in my life. It’s just not somewhere that I would have frequented. But I listened to some good friends and went to check out Cady’s Tavern for their Sunday Blues Jam. And man oh man am I glad I listened! It pays to have smart people with good taste around you. 

Sitting alongside the Putnam Pike in Chepachet RI you’ll find a longtime Roadhouse that has been in constant business, in one form or another since 1810. Billed as Rhode Island’s Original Roadhouse, you’ll see that even a destructive fire couldn’t tear down the history and spirit of the institution, having moved across the street in the 1920’s where the stables and barn once stood.

Growing up in the south I had an image and the personal experience with biker bars that exist there, but man do they have a different vibe than this gem. While the clientele is similar in passions and tastes, it’s very much an open and welcoming environment.  A friend described it to me as a bit like the cantina from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, “you’ll find all kinds here.” The good thing is that you won’t need a lightsaber, and droids are welcome! (Android phones that is…)

Nerd humor aside…. 

Cady’s really is a great place to spend a Sunday (or any other day). The Blues Jam is typically headlined by a local or national touring band, no cover, and a good time warmed up and ready to go! You’ll also find some very talented locals who come in to sit in and jam together with some of the feature band members and later on amongst other locals as well.

The one thing I will always suggest is that you get there early if you want a seat, and to bring your dancing shoes because you’re going to need them!

A full service bar and a kitchen that turns out some great food are a great pairing for a crowded group of music lovers who are spending the 4 hour music event together!

I instantly felt at home and found me an out of the way place to enjoy the music and also to partake in one of my own favorite pastimes, people watching. There are two angles to view the event from, you can come in at the bar and be in the main area and view head on and or to the right a bit, and then there is a long offset to the left of the band with tables and more space to spend time with and make new friends.

I do like that they make sure there is water available for everyone in the room as it is readily available as a serve yourself setup, but they also have a staff that navigates a crowded room in a manner that still eludes me. I’m not sure how they do it, but they are experts at it.

I’ve found that each time I have visited, the staff have always been very warm and friendly. No matter if you’re ordering just a soda or if you’re ordering food, they greet you with the same warmth. The food service is also at a good pace and keeps up with the rush of people in the room without leaving you wondering where on earth your next meal is coming from!

It’s an easy drive from each direction, I come in from Worcester, but have also come in from Connecticut as well as elsewhere in Rhode Island and each time it has been a simple approach. There is quite a lot of easy parking available as well, however in those warm summer months I would again urge you to get there early because that parking lot will fill up fast. And the building will be full, up to and including out on the back patio area just behind the bandstand inside.

Sundays a great way to unwind when you sprinkle it with live Blues that will still get you home in time to sleep before you have to make that trek back to the salt mines on Monday morning!

Take the Sunday drive and make your destination in Cady’s Tavern whenever you’re in the area!

*This review was not solicited by the musicians or venue.