The first time I attended an event at Bull Run I was truly surprised that such have a gem existed here in New England and that it took me nearly 11 years to find it,

My first visit was quite the experience, as I didn't know what the food would be like or where a good seat would be. I quickly found out that there's not a bad seat in the entire place and that the food is fantastic. 

They pride themselves on locally sourced foods which are then expertly prepared and presented in a professional and impressive manner. It is refreshing to see a venue, or any establishment, take such pride in supporting their local community and industries. And while you may see prices that seem a bit more, they are truly worth it, without hesitation. 

I  highly recommend the sweet potato fries!

The staff are very warm and welcoming. You've a myriad of servers who somehow make it through a packed room and make sure you are taken care of completely all throughout the show. And they do it discreetly so as to not disturb you or others around you anymore than is humanly possible  

I've yet to experience a single issue with the staff or food. Which makes it quite nice to know that I can just go to any of the MANY events they hold weekly, multiple times per week, and consistently enjoy a warm and friendly space with great music!

I was absolutely floored when I saw the lineup they had for entertainers. They lean heavy to the Blues and classic rock which is fantastic for a Bluesman! 

They also offer a multitude of other entertainers from country to rock to poets and comedians. And all are names you know and love. There are great local performers and nationally known names that show up and always give it 110% no matter the size of their audience.  

The owners have done an outstanding job of preserving a classic location with a family feel and yet have blended in the services and tools of today in a way that seamlessly blends while staying out of the way of the experience.  

Their main dining area with the full menu is the type of place that you'd love and enjoy taking your family to for a nice dinner any night of the week or a special dinner for special events.  

What makes this place even more special is the private events and services they offer and expertly provide. From weddings to large group functions, they've made Bull Run a true destination location. There is nothing common or pedantic about the place. This is one of those places that goes on the list of must see venues and restaurants that you look forward to visiting over and over. 

Take a look at the fabulous lineup of events coming throughout the entire year HERE

If you have any questions, you can reach the staff by phone, email, and Facebook. They are responsive and quick to help via any manner of communication.  

Head out and take in some of the best music you'll ever hear and staff that will leave you quite happy Indeed. 

*This is a personal review and in no way has been solicited or paid for by the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley MA.