The Nick Moss Band never disappoints and with their album release tour for The High Cost of Low Living on Alligator Records proves once again that they bring their A game everywhere they go. 

During their recent dates in New England (03/22/2018 Iron Horse Music Hall, 03/23/2018 Chan's Fine Dining, 04/05/2018 Bull Run Restaurant, and 04/07/2018 at 9 Wallis) they proved why this band has been nominated for a Blues Music Award, with Dennis earning his own nomination as well. 

Classic rocking Chicago style Blues were on full display with Dennis playing his heart out, Taylor absolutely killing it on the piano, and a rhythm section that keeps the band moving forward at a pace that keeps the listener moving in their seats (and on the dance floor)! 

Nick, with his good humor and stand out talent, shows us that the new Blues can respect and keep the classics alive in the same breath. 

The interplay between the members of the band and the improvisation are entertaining and make for a unique show every single time. 

You can clearly see and hear the hand of the old masters having shaped these musicians to carry on a grand legacy. 

Dennis taking on All Night Diner, Count on Me, and Lesson to Learn will leaving you tapping your foot and smiling from ear to ear. His vocals and harp skills alike will leave you wondering how a vampire could have that much soul! 

Taylor carrying on the traditions of Pine Top Perkins and Barrel House Chuck prove that you can make the new school and carry the old school hand in hand and love them both. He puts in his soul and full energy with every note and never leaves it just half played. This young man has a big bright future in front of him and I can't wait to see it unfold! 

Michael Archer keeps that baseline moving with precision and style. He's a world class talent that stands out easily with his engagement in what's being played and in joining in for vocals too! 

Patrick Seals, who has been with Nick the longest, has the ability to switch between a driving beat to a soft rhythm at the flip of a switch. The play is tight and the beat is full and solid. It's clear the time and energy he puts into not just practice and learning, but also into every minute of every show! 

Nick has been actively performing at a professional level since 1990, which shows in his charm and comfort bringing an audience along for am evening of fun!  This was my second, third, fourth, and fifth time seeing him and this fantastic group of musicians, and every time was amazing!

For me this new album is defined by the soulful "He Walked With Giants", written by Nick in honor of not just his mentor and friend, but of the legends who walk the streets of Chicago today and in the musical history that rolls through the air. 

The first time I heard this tune even without knowing the personal background behind it...left me with a smile and chills all at the same time. 

With Nicks decades of practice and dedication he has brought his talent and knowledge to bear fully and created a chart topping Chicago Blues band carrying on the traditions of the titans of the Blues. 

He has worked and toured with some of the biggest names including Barrelhouse Chuck, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith, and many more.  

Nick has taken the lessons he learned and passed them on in what one of the current band described as the "Nick Moss school of The Blues." 

He is a consummate and engaging performer, who has a great respect for the history and importance of passing it forward.  

No two shows are ever exactly alike, which is refreshing and prevents it from coming across as over rehearsed or "plastic". This is something that can be quite important for the audience (especially for repeat fans) since the interplay, good energy, and fun that the band has on stage is infectious. It makes for one helluva good night for the audience. 

No matter the venue, audience size, or time of day...these guys put their heart and soul into their craft. 

Having had the chance to see the band five times now I can honestly say they are consistently fresh, energetic, and at the top of their game.  

The bottom line is, if you enjoy Chicago style Blues (or even if you don't), you can't go wrong with the NMB. 

You can always tune back here for more on the New England tour dates and locations but I urge you to look at their national (and international) schedule at!!

 *This is an indepenent review and in no way was paid for or requested by the artists.